Datengarten 60


Shingo Hisakawa
17.11.2015, 20:00 Uhr
Chaos Computer Club Berlin

The mass production of DNA amplifiers, which are essential in gene testing, has become cheap and stable enough that no longer do we have to rely on big corporations or research institutes. DNA amplifiers are now being provided to biohackers and educational institutions the world over to carry out their own independent testing. Through these kinds of daring activities, Shingo Hisakawa is attempting to improve people’s literacy in the areas of gene recombination and gene therapy. Hisakawa’s unusual talents have seen him as a software engineer, hacker, and as runner-up in the Japan International Birdman Rally. Through the mobilization of all his machinery and know-how, he is now creating an environment in which anyone can make their ideas into products, without the need for a large up-front investment.