ICANN related reports of meetings etc.

lastupdate: 07.09.2001

As everything: under construction. All information provided as complete and correct as possible;

Participants Lists may be incorrect cause most of the time it´s the list of people who where originally invited or have registred to show-up.


Date Place What Organizer Official URL Official Documentation Report Participants List
22.01.2001 Telephone Lines Telephone Conference of the ICANN board ICANN/Board - does not exist

For sitting in an airplane all day I was not able to attend.


09.03.2001 Melbourne ICANN Briefing to the GAC ICANN/GAC - -

I did not found the time to write a full report yet. Here is my notes from the meeting:


not available
10.03.2001 Melbourne Non Commercial Domain Name Holders Constituency meeting ICANN/NCDNHC http://www.ncdnhc.org/ not yet not yet -
07.09.2001 Montevideo Position Paper on the ALSC Draft Report ICANN at-large study committee http://www.atlargestudy.org here 20010907MM-ALSC.txt -


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