ICANN related reports of meetings etc.

lastupdate: 08.11.2000

As everything: under construction. All information provided as complete and correct as possible;

Participants Lists may be incorrect cause most of the time it´s the list of people who where originally invited or have registred to show-up.


Date Place What Organizer Official URL Official Documentation Report Participants List
08.-09.11.2000 Paris Meetings with french @large-members and representatives of DNSO etc. Jefsey Morfin, jefsey@wanadoo.fr does not exist, available: Agenda does not exist not available yet not available yet
23.10.2000 Berlin More or less informal meeting with Esther Dyson self does not exist does not exist 20001023MM-REP.html Esther Dyson, Andy Müller-Maguhn
19.10.2000 Bruessel, Belgium EC-POP Meeting on the .EU TLD creation process etc. European Dingsda http://www.ec-pop.org promised for wednesday, 25.10.2000 at ec-pop.org. 20001019MM-REP.html 20001019PL.html
12.10.2000 Berlin, Germany ICANN related meeting to discuss possible cooperation / no specific issue

BMWI (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technology), Referat

= German Ministry for Economics

does not exist does not exist 20001012MM-REP.html 20001012PL.html


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