ICANN related calendar of events in 2002

lastupdate: 22.10.2002


Date Place What Organizer URL of the event Documentation of the event
01.-02.02.2002 Salzburg ICANN Studienkreis ICANN Studienkreis (Kleinwächter) http://www.icann-studienkreis.net/ unknown
23.-24.02.2002 Washington, D.C., USA ICANN Board retreat ICANN no official documentation or site

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10.-14.03.2002 Accra, Ghana, Africa ICANN meeting 1/3 of 2002 ICANN



13.05.2002 Cyberspace ICANN board telephonconference ICANN unknown not yet
25.-26.05.2002 New York (Garden City) ICANN board retreat ICANN unknown

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24.-28.06.2002 Bukarest ICANN meeting 2/3 of 2002 ICANN http://www.icann.org/bucharest/index.html http://www.icann.org/minutes/prelim-report-28jun02.htm
27.-31.10.2002 Shanghai ICANN meeting 3/3 of 2002 ICANN http://www.icann.org/shanghai/ not yet
14.-15.12.2002 Sheraton Hotel Shiphol Airport, Amsterdam ICANN annual meeting 2002 ICANN not yet. There will be a Public Forum on saturday, the official board meeting will take place sunday. Place and Times are still to be confirmed. not yet


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