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Aus Chaos Computer Club Berlin
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The Social Web: How to free yourself of your social networks and create a global community


On current Social Networks (Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn,...) every user has a limited view of the network available to him. The provider on the other hand has a complete view of the network. In the case of Facebook this can be huge: it has a view of the full 250 million members and their relationships. This is just one of the many problems with current social networks.

We can now do the same and cut out the middleman. The solution with foaf+ssl is secure, RESTfull, works in current browsers and can give the user 100% control over his/her data. It will also enable the growth of interlinked social networks to universities, companies, governments, enabling a whole new category of business models to emerge.

There are Open Source implementations in PHP, Python, Perl, Java....


Henry Story works for Sun Microsystems as Social Web Architect, where he developed an RDF based blogging tool, a Semantic Address Book, and a new protocol (foaf+ssl) for distributed RESTful authentication that works with current browsers.

Previous to that he worked at AltaVista where he developed, named and deployed the Babelfish Machine translation engine. Henry studied philosophy and computing at the University of London.

More information is available on his home page at

Date, Location

22. October 2009, 20:00, CCCB, Marienstr. 11 (Hinterhaus), 10117 Berlin