Aus Chaos Computer Club Berlin
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Titel Structural Patterns in the Rise of Germany’s New Right on Facebook
Referent Sebastian
Termin 2017/03/14, 20h - 2017/03/14
Ort CCCB, Marienstraße 11, 10117 Berlin
Sprache Englisch
Streaming Nein
Aufzeichnung Nein


In recent years, Germany has experienced a massive rise in popularity of the so-called 'New Right', both in the form of political parties ("Alternative für Deutschland") as well as in non-parliamentary movements (e.g., "Pegida", "Nein zum Heim"). A major success factor of this New Right seems to be their social media activities, especially their usage of Facebook. In this talk, we present our findings from two research papers that analyze structural patterns in the activities of more than one million users on the Facebook pages of the major German political parties, as well as more than 200 thousand users on rightwing "Nein zum Heim" protest pages.