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target being used as an example for the EmbeddedAnalysisWorkshop2011.

This is an old Hebrew to German/English/French/etc electronic translator. As I doubt there is JTAG the interesting objective would be looking for serial and dumping/modifying the memory and software. The memory and other chips appear to either be rebranded or made in house. Re-documentation might be required (and interesting). Determining the purpose of the unused expansion board might also be interesting.


Casing Casing

Casing Casing

main pcb:

PCB Top PCB Bottom PCB Detail

daughter board bottom:

daughter board bottom

Chip References/Datasheets

  • Daewoo DMC60C31E CPU (datasheet). Datasheet provides footprint but no programming details. Might need to look at other Daewoo chipsets.
  • GoldStar GM76C88AL-15 65,536 Bit Memory (datasheet with footprint and read/write details)
  • TextOn 9636 "5 Dictionaries"
  • TextOn SEP 96 DEH 42

Pin/Via/Pad clusters

  • 34 pin unpopulated expansion? One could assume this is for programming dictionaries but the area of the case for the pins leaves a huge space to place additional components.

Interesting markings and observations


  • Map and trace to determine pinout of TextOn ICs as well as expansion board
  • Examine the daughter board IC's and purpose