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It is a 40€ picture frame from a local mediamarkt. The PCB appears to be 2 layer with lots of helpful labeling. The microcontroller is a Haier "Hi1018D". Also there is a chip whose marking, "25Q06CP", i cannot find any details for. I will fill this in with details as I find them.

Packaging LCD and board

PCB details:

PCB Top PCB Bottom

Notice that on the bottom of the PCB in the picture above that there are two pads for serial (labeled RX, TX)


I guess the chip in picture 3 is labeled "25Q80..." which could be a W25Q80xx, i.e. a SPI flash (8MBit) from Winbond, e.g. this one Any idea what the chinese instructions on the PCB bottom mean? (jal2)