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target being used as an example for the EmbeddedAnalysisWorkshop2011.

40€ picture frame from a local mediamarkt. The PCB appears to be 2 layer with lots of helpful labeling. The microcontroller is a Haier "Hi1018D". Also there is a chip whose marking, "25Q806CP". (see jal2's link for likely datasheet of 2.5v 8MBit spi mem and discussion of Hi1018D). Carsten Meyer made a mod on a very similar frame with the same chipset. No chip details though. I guess one interesting result could be re-documenting this chip. There are not so many pins to scan after you take out the known traces. Perhaps from there more information can be determined for programming and interfacing with this IC via other generations from the same house.


Packaging LCD and board

PCB details:

PCB Top PCB Bottom

  • Chinese translation of PCB text (thank you Geng): "1. remote_control_head J2 (needs to be?) installed with J9 on same side. 2. remote_control_head feet (needs to be) inserted from the other side of J2 imprint. 3. from the edge of the board, the remote_control_head feet (needs to be) 18mm"


Chip References/Datasheets

  • CPU hi1018 - Some Info about the HI1018. (jal2)
  • 25Q806CP - I guess the chip in picture 3 is labeled "25Q80..." which could be a W25Q80xx, i.e. a SPI flash (8MBit) from Winbond, e.g. this one. (jal2)

Pin/Via/Pad clusters


Interesting markings and observations

  • Notice that on the bottom of the PCB in the picture above that there are two pads for serial (labeled RX, TX)