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This workshop is based on the tools presented at the 27c3 (video, tutorial, lecture page). These are simple tools that help in analyzing embedded devices for exposed debug ports or dumping memory. Participants are encouraged to bring their own potential targets. If possible please list those targets here or email "nathan () squimp () com" so that we can already help prepare the target by finding available datasheets. We will start with one evening going over the tools and starting. During the week the follows we will be at the CCCB offices from 2pm until 11pm and participants can come in at any time to collectively work on their targets.


April 23-30 OR May 21-26. The latter date is the week before ph-neutral. Please email "nathan () squimp () com" with which date works best for you before april 8th.

What you need

Arduino, some shift registers though we will bring plenty. If you would like us to bring everything for you please email. I think everything all together (without a target, just the tools and support material for them) should be around 40 to 60€. You should have some basic programming experience. If you watch the lecture we hope you see that this is not complicated. We believe anyone with basic programming skills can grasp these tools and start hacking away at devices.


Please feel free to put your target on the list or email "nathan () squimp () com" if your target will be private but you would still like help finding datasheets.

target where to buy local wiki page or datasheet links contact (optional)
Rollei Pictureline 4070 digital frame 40€ at mediamarkt in berlin Rollei4070 cyphunk "nathan () squimp () com"
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