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Titel Lightning Talks
Referent Everybody who wants (
Termin 2018/12/11, 20h - 2018/12/11
Ort CCCB, Marienstraße 11, 10117 Berlin
Sprache Englisch
Streaming Ja
Aufzeichnung Ja


What? Lightning talks are 10 minute talks about *anything*. Well, anything that won't make other people want to throw you out. Apart from that it can be anything: An idea you have, a problem you cannot solve, your favourite tool, or just about anything you think everybody else should have heard about (i.e. the awesome talk you will be giving soon)! It's really up to you!

Language: English or German - whatever you prefer

More information and the possibility to sign up can be found here:

(If there are spaces left, we will also allow spontaneous talks. But if you wanna make sure to get a slot, sign up!)